20 February 2017

With the industry tipped to see a 4% increase in wages this year, we wanted to look at 5 jobs where pay rises are expected in 2017.

1. Data Analyst

A recent report found that Data Analysis is the most in-demand skill in Marketing currently, with 72% of marketers saying that Data Analysis is vital. With this increasing demand for Data Analysis skills in 2017, Data Analysts can expect a salary rise. As well as Data Analysts themselves, those who equip themselves with Data Analysis skills are likely to be able to demand a higher salary. There was a 7% increase in Data Analysts wages in 2016, with these roles emerging in more and more industries including operations analysts, marketing analysts and financial analysts. To become a Data Analyst it is important to achieve a bachelor’s degree, preferably in an analytical field like computer science, statistics or applied mathematics.

2. Data Scientist

‘The Data Scientist is probably the most in-demand technologist out there, with people who qualify commanding a significant salary.’ According to Data Mation. The basic business equation of demand will tell you that Data Scientists wages are set to increase over the coming years. As we wrote in our 10 predictions for Data and Analytics in 2017 article, Data Science is an area that is forecast to continue growing this year and those equipped with the Data Science skills can demand higher salaries, even if their role is not directly labelled as a ‘Data Scientist’. What Data Science skills should you learn? Here’s a list of 5 essentials.

3. Marketing Coordinator (Digital)

Marketers with strong digital skills and strategy saw a 6% rise in salaries in the last calendar year according to Business Insider UK. A marketing coordinator’s role will vary from company to company, but tasks include data analysis, content creation, content strategy, website management, marketing communications, advertising placement/strategy and data verification. There is a real crossover between the Marketing and Data Analytics industries now, Data is becoming essential in helping create and maintain effective Marketing strategies. If this is your kind of thing you may be interested in the wide range of Marketing Data based roles we are currently recruiting for at Bodhi.

4. Big Data Engineer

According to Time, Big Data engineers are amongst those set for the biggest pay rises in the coming year, with a 5.8% increase forecast. What skills do you need to work in Big Data? Apache Hadoop is a very popular tool, however the focus is set to move from Hadoop and onto Apache Spark in 2017. SQL, NoSQL, Machine Learning and Data Mining are amongst other essentials in the indsutry.

5. Any Role

A report by Alteryx ‘The Business Grammar Report’ says UK bosses are now willing to pay 30% more for Data skills.

“Our research found that UK business leaders would be willing to offer a 30% higher salary to someone who is data proficient over one who isn’t,” commented Stuart Wilson, VP EMEA, Alteryx.

“The change in attitude that’s taking place in boardrooms today shows the value of being data-savvy and how important it is that effective analytics are made available to business users. It makes sense to equip every business analyst with self-service tools that allow them to ask questions of their data.”

So equipping yourself with the right Data skills is clearly going to be beneficial in any role that requires any sort of data interpretation, analysis or understanding. Developing your skills in this area is only going to help your chances in attempting to gain a higher salary.

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