The 5 Most In-Demand Skills For Data Scientists Right Now

25 August 2017

With consistent reports of a skills gap in the Data & Analytics industry, now is the time to get yourself equipped with the latest in-demand skills.  If you’re a candidate and looking for a new role, you should take a look at the latest Data & Analytics jobs we are offering. To help you we are going to take a look at 5 of the most in-demand skills currently for Data Scientists.


1 – Java

Java is one of the most versatile languages to write in and so it is no surprise that employers are keen for their employees to be equipped with this popular programming language. Java is a general-purpose language that is specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

2 – Machine Learning

“If you’re at a large company with huge amounts of data, or working at a company where the product itself is especially data-driven, it may be the case that you’ll want to be familiar with machine learning methods. This can mean things like k-nearest neighbors, random forests, ensemble methods – all of the machine learning buzzwords.” – Udacity.

3 – Database Query Languages

SQL and NoSQL are the most popular database query language in the industry and are regarded as essential by most. It is certainly advisable to be skilled and continue to deepen your knowledge in these areas as they continue to be incredibly important in the Data Science world.

4 – Degree

The statistics show that Data Scientists are highly qualified, with 88% obtaining a masters degree according to KD. That’s a huge proportion of the workforce and incredibly 46% have PHD’s. If you haven’t already, the best route into Data Science roles is often to equip yourself with an appropriate degree.

5 – Python

Python has been ranked as a 2nd easiest programming language to learn recently. The reason Python is finding itself in such demand recently is because of convenience. What might take 60 lines in Java can be done in 20 lines of Python. Python isn’t an easy language to learn though and if you’re just starting out, we’d advise picking up some of the others first as Python is a high-level programming language.

It’s important to become equipped with these skills, after all, the Data Scientist is one of the job roles forecast for a pay rise.

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