7 February 2017

Over the last few weeks our industry insight section has been packed with news and reports about what is in demand and trending in 2017. We’ve come across some more useful information to do with this, after stumbling into a report by BlueVenn entitled Customer data: The monster under the bed? This report investigates data analytics in Marketing – to learn whether there really is a ‘marketing skills gap’, or a ‘marketing technology gap’. The results were eye-opening – with Data Analysis coming out well on top.

Data analysis is now considered the most important skill a person could learn for the next two years. The report says 72% of marketers consider data analysis vital. This has placed it firmly on top, above skills like social media (65%), web development (31%) graphics design (23%), or search engine optimisation (13%). Whilst social media remains one of the top skills in the industry, marketers have recognised that without skills in data analysis, the effectiveness of social media is limited. With the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn having their own, in-house analytics, there is now the potential to create valuable data analysis from social media and make strategic decisions off the back of it.

data analysis stat

More than a quarter (27%) still hand over the work to the IT department.  This is causing efficiency to drop, wasting time and resources in the process.

It is becoming increasingly important for all involved in the marketing process to become equipped with data analysis skills to enable them to make more knowledgeable decisions, quicker.

“With the potential of big data, marketers have a better opportunity than ever before to truly understand their customers’ decision making processes,” said Anthony Botibol, Marketing Director at BlueVenn.

“Unfortunately, as it stands most marketers simply don’t have the time, the knowledge or the tools necessary to undertake this task in a practical and effective way.”

With data analysis now being an integral part of the industry, it’s important that it is a skill and process that becomes integrated in the industry and the employees.

The first step to achieving this is for marketers to understand the importance. This is happening already, in large enterprises, 80% of marketers see data analysis as a ‘vital’ skill. Data segmentation and modelling are also considered very important.

“While there is definitely a skills shortage when it comes to data analysis, I would argue that marketers shouldn’t have to skill-up in order to achieve this. Nobody should need to have a degree in data science in order to generate value from their customers’ information, what they need are tools and technologies that can simplify the task. Until marketers are provided with these tools, they will never unlock the true potential of their customers’ data.” Botibol continued.

At Bodhi, this is exactly the sort of role we recruit for in the Marketing world. We noticed the trend for data-driven Marketing and now have partnerships with some of the largest marketing agencies in the UK. We also sponsored the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) Awards in 2016. We recognise and appreciate the growth in this area of marketing, and so should you. If Marketing Data is already your thing, why not have a look at the latest jobs we have to offer on our job board.