17 January 2017

We’ve created the infographic to give you some handy tips on how to optimise your email marketing campaign. On top of these statistics, please find some supporting information below to assist.

Extra Tips for Optimising your Email Marketing 

If you’re trying to send out an email marketing campaign manually, then you won’t be making the most use out of the power Email Marketing has. Use a newsletter service like MailChimp or The Newsletter Plugin to enable quality, staged delivery of your newsletter.

Upgrade your hosting! The hosting for your website will cap the amount of emails that can be sent per day or per hour, upgrading your hosting allows for you to send more at a certain time and this raises the flexibility of your newsletter.

Focus on calls to action: Without sounding like a robot, concentrate on your calls to action, make them clear and easily accessible. If you put a large amount of text into your newsletter, it can often be discouraging to many, reduce the amount of text and if you would like a customer to read more, create a call to action that enables them to do so. This allows those interested in that segment of the newsletter to read it and those who are not, to perhaps act on another segment, rather than disregard.

Send it late… Messages sent at night have the highest open rates. Late afternoon emails have the highest click rates according to Informz (2014).

Stand out from the crowd… The average consumer subscribes and receives emails from 8.9 different brands. (BlueHornet).

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