26 July 2017

‘Our new research, which explores the maturity of data-driven marketing in 2017, reveals that a significant data science skills gap is preventing businesses from delivering a personalised customer experience and accurately calculating ROI.’ – DMA

You can see some of the highlights in our infographic below. The statistic that really sticks out for us is ‘92% of marketers agree that data management is a key priority for their business…’

Data-driven Marketing Report

Data-driven marketing

Data-Driven Marketing is becoming an important part of the Data & Analytics industry, but as is the case in much of the industry, there is a well-publicised skills gap. Bodhi Resourcing are able to help bridge the skill gap challenges. For years we have been helping other companies find difficult to source specialist talent in a competitive marketplace. If you’re interested in having a discussion and finding out about how we can help you, please call 0117 315 5265 or email enlightenme@bodhiresourcing.com.

You can read all the findings directly on the DMA’s website here

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