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 Show some personality

It is important to stand out from the crowd. Google were once sent 75,000 résumés in a single week! Here's how 'The Muse' a contributor for the Forbes website suggests you differentiate.

"You’ve probably heard the advice to keep your resume all about business. And, with such little space to make your case for why you can do the job, that’s not bad advice. That said, you also don’t want to hide all your quirks—even if it’s just to get the recruiter to do a double take." - Forbes.

Graphic of a magnifying glass in Bodhi branding

Be special

It is important to gain a recruiters trust. Here at Bodhi we really get to understand the candidate before putting them forward for a role. Our reputation is on the line so you need to give us enough 'reasons why'. The Career Shifter website explains this in more detail.

"A good recruiter is not going to risk sending in a CV unless they’re absolutely sure you’re right for the job, so you need to give (the recruiter) the ammunition (needed) to fight your corner. Also if a recruiter wants to meet up, do it." - Career Shifters.

Graphic of a magnifying glass in Bodhi branding

Tailor your CV

Did you know 75% of candidates are eliminated because of their CV's? It is important to tailor your CV for each role that you apply for, highlighting your suitability for that particular position. say the following in their article about how to make your CV stand out.

"Avoid falling into the ‘one CV fits all’ category. Instead, target the document for the role you’re going for. And yes, that means writing a slightly new version of your CV and a brand new cover letter every time. No exceptions.

Do some research so you understand more about the company, the industry, and who their key competitors are. Once you’ve learnt all you can, apply this knowledge in your cover letter to help explain why you really want to get the job." - Reed.

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Links we used to create this guide. Reed – CV Tips, Career Shifters – Getting a recruiter’s attention, Forbes – 6-second guide.

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