10 Predictions for Data and Analytics in 2017

24 January 2017

2017 is forecast to be another big year for the Data and Analytics industry, so we wanted to look at some of the predictions for the coming year.

Data analytics salaries to surge by 4% in 2017

If you follow our page on LinkedIn you will have probably already seen this one. According to a Robert Walters Global survey, if you are skilled in data analytics and business intelligence then you should expect a salary growth of 4% on average, this year. For once, your wage could be set to rise more than inflation!

Data-Driven Culture problem

Forbes predict that there will continue to be a problem creating a data-driven culture in 2017. More than 85% of respondents report that their firms have started programs to create data-driven cultures, but only 37% report success thus far, according to NewVantage Partners’ 5th annual survey of senior corporate executives on the topic of Big Data. This shows that it is not the technology that is causing the problem, it is management and acceptance of culture change. Understanding and effectively utilising the benefits of Big data analytics can be a source of competitive advantage, especially with competitors struggling to adapt their culture.

The rise of Data Scientists

‘The Data Scientist is probably the most in-demand technologist out there, with people who qualify commanding a significant salary.’ According to Data Mation. Whilst the demand will continue to grow for Data Scientists themselves, there is an expectancy that all within the industry will need to begin to develop their data science skillset. Adapting your skillset is part of staying relevant and employable in this ever-evolving industry. Are you a Data Scientist? At Bodhi we’re currently recruiting for a Data Scientist role in London – so take a look and apply, or upload your CV using the button on this page.

Hadoop to fade

A 2015 report from Gartner found that Hadoop was fading in popularity. It looks as if 2017 will continue to see real time analytics software like Apache Spark takeover. Speaking back in Nick Heudecker, research director at Gartner said that just ‘8 percent have plans to invest in Hadoop over the next two years. Hadoop will not be the only victim though, the likes of HBase, MapReduce and HDFS are likely to be overtaken by faster, real-time analytics software.

Big Data Analytics is Mainstream

IBM suggest that Big Data analytics will continue to remain in the spotlight in 2017, with the sector continuing to evolve into mainstream technology from what was a niche market. As organisations continue to require storage and analysis of large data sets, this industry will continue to grow in 2017.

IoT everywhere

If you still haven’t heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), then this will certainly be the year that that all changes. In the briefest of explanations, the internet of things is an umbrella term to define all devices that produce data. Of course, in this modern, tech-heavy world, there are more and more devices being produced every hour, and this creates more data for us to work with.

AI takes over

With IoT devices producing huge amounts of data, there is too much data being produced for humans to analyse quickly and efficiently. Time to call in the assistance of Artificial Intelligence. There is predicted to be huge growth in AI in 2017 purely to help us analyse more data, faster.

Welcome Digital Assistants

With everything seemingly going Digital, it now seems that our assistants will become part of the revolution. The likes of Amazon Echo and Alexa are the early stages of something that could truly revolutionise the modern working environment.

AI to create new marketing sectors

This is an interesting one. Chris Golec, Founder & CEO, Demandbase predicts that: “Artificial Intelligence will create new marketing categories, like the B2B business concierge,”. “AI will allow marketers to create highly personalized ads tailored to buyer’s specific interests in real-time through superior and infinite knowledge. AI will also make mass email marketing tools obsolete (and the resulting spam email), automatically scanning out the ‘bad’ leads and creating custom, personalized communication instead. As AI continues to advance, we can expect to see the recommendation engines that power companies like Netflix and Amazon develop specifically for the B2B market. This will start to pave the way for a B2B business concierge—a completely automated and customised buyer’s journey throughout the funnel that is driven by AI.”

Cloud and Hybrid Analytics

IBM predict that Cloud and hybrid analytics will continue to grow in 2017. “Even in historically cloud-unfriendly markets. Infrastructure in our increasingly connected world is getting better and is almost invisible in mature markets. Cloud fears are expected to ease as more organisations witness the triumphs of early adopters.”

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