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Want A Pay Rise? UK Bosses Will Pay 30% More For Data Skills

5 September 2016

According to a new study, conducted by Alteryx ‘The Business Grammar Report’ UK bosses are now willing to pay 30% more for Data skills. which asked UK business leaders to detail the most important competencies in the workforce today.

The reason they give is because data is no longer “confined to the IT department or technical specialists”. Just 15% of UK businesses are still doing it the old-fashioned way, while almost a third (31%) are empowering their employees with self-service analytics tools.

“Our research found that UK business leaders would be willing to offer a 30% higher salary to someone who is data proficient over one who isn’t,” commented Stuart Wilson, VP EMEA, Alteryx.

“The change in attitude that’s taking place in boardrooms today shows the value of being data-savvy and how important it is that effective analytics are made available to business users. It makes sense to equip every business analyst with self-service tools that allow them to ask questions of their data.”

The business world is becoming more and more data focussed, candidates who have a strong understanding of data and analytics automatically have an advantage over those that don’t. It is conceivable that in ten years or so, it will be essential for a large amount of employees to have at least a basic understanding of Data. With the world moving in that direction, why not develop your data skills? There will be opportunities to do so at leading UK Universities soon.

“Most organisations depend on the IT department or business intelligence team for analytics-based decision-making, but things are changing. Business leaders are demanding more agile and flexible insight. Organisations can boost the speed and quality of analytics by adopting a ‘DIY approach’ and providing self-service analytics tools,” Wilson concluded.

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