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Why Use A Specialist Agency?

Long and Short Term Savings

Unlike costly single job postings, agencies ensure your job listings efficiently reach top job boards and talent communities. You'll streamline your qualification and hiring process, reducing time and costs related to interviews. Continued use further reduces your future expenses, benefiting from familiarity with your organisation.

Faster Hiring

Hiring new talent is sometimes rushed, and the best candidates are frequently overlooked. External agencies free up hiring managers to focus on their core responsibilities. These agencies also conduct preliminary screenings, sparing you from days of sifting through applications. Furthermore, they manage interview coordination and handle administrative tasks, such as candidate communications and credential verification.

Market Knowledge

These industry experts provide real-time insights on market trends, pay rates, skill availability, and current hiring challenges. They guide both candidates and hiring managers throughout the recruitment process, ensuring informed decisions. With a strong network and continuous learning from interactions with clients and candidates, recruiters share invaluable information and solid guidance.

Wider Reach

Specialisation in specific markets results in a vast talent pool that's often inaccessible through traditional channels. With a database of candidates not readily available to the general market, they can connect businesses with unique talents. Moreover, they excel in identifying passive talent, individuals not actively job-seeking, by tapping into their extensive networks to connect you with the right people.

How can we help you?

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From talent insights, market conditions, latest trends, salary/bench marketing and demand analysis, we will collaborate with you to create your ideal strategy and solution to solve your hiring and challenges.

About Bodhi

Since our launch in 2014, we have been dedicated to disrupting the recruiting and talent landscape by bridging the gap between traditional, large-scale transactional recruiters and rigid talent providers.


We take great pleasure in enlightening those we partner with in how we combine tried and tested recruitment techniques with cutting-edge innovations to create successful, long-term partnerships.

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