5 Interview Questions To Prepare For If You Want A Job In Data

14 September 2016

Stressing about an upcoming interview? Not sure what you’ll be asked? We’ve put together 5 frequently asked questions for jobs about Data.

1 –¬†Which domains have you worked on previously?

Be ready to tell them about all your skills and achievements to date. Ideally they’ll probably be looking for someone to have worked on as many domains as possible, but there are ways of showing off still. If you lack experience, Randstad suggests: ‘… consider the range within the experience you do have, such as the diversity of tools and situations for example.’

2 – How would you define Big Data?

It’s an interesting question, but one companies are often keen to see your opinion of. There’s not (really) a right or wrong answer, it is down to interpretation, but how you interpret¬†it may be vital for the job role. It is advisable that you give a general definition to highlight your understanding initially and then perhaps a more tailored description to suit the company where you are looking to be employed.

3 – What do you know about us?

As is the case with any job interview, do your research before you go for the interview. Know about the company, what they’re about, their competitors and anything related to the job role. The interviewee will be impressed if you’ve down your homework and already shown an interest in the company and the role. Remember you need to stand out from the other candidates, and showing a keen interest and knowledge of the company is one way to do that.

4 – What are your technical competencies?

According to TechRepublic, this is a frequently asked question, here’s how they suggest handling it: ‘Before the interview, do your homework on the analytics environment that the interviewing company uses. During the IT interview, you will be asked to review your technical competencies and skillsets. How well the company feels your technical skills fit with the data analytics approaches and tools they use in their environment can have a make-or-break effect on whether you get the job.’

5 – What challenges do you encounter when using Data?

As with any interview, people like to see whether you can identify personal weaknesses, or admit to previous struggles. The best advice here is to be honest, they know that you will have encountered problems before and pretending to be perfect is unlikely to be an impressive trait. Pick a problem, but then add how you eventually overcame that and learnt from it.