5 Steps To Improving Your Digital Performance

21 December 2016

If you don’t keep your Digital performance high then you’re unlikely to be ahead of your competitors, even if you predominantly operate offline. Almost every company now needs a strong Digital setup and here we take a look at 5 ways you can improve it.

1. Identify Digital Performance

It’s a broad term, and it’ll mean something different for each and every business, so it is important to first decide what Digital Performance is to you. What is your end goal? Because for each objective there will be a different approach needed to fulfil it. Without strategy you’re unlikely to get far in the Digital world, so it is incredibly important to make this your first step. What is the end goal? What needs to be done to reach it? How will you measure performance? Who will manage this?

2. Produce Quality content

You’ve probably seen this kind of tip everywhere, but what constitutes quality and why is this advantageous to a company’s Digital performance? Well the main reason you want to produce good quality content is so it is shared. The more people share it, the more inbound links you will get for your website and therefore it will increase the amount of visitors and improve the SEO performance of your website. It is at the base of every good Digital strategy and there’s always something to write about, no matter what business you’re in. Make the content SEO friendly, heavy and optimised, but not SEO-obvious.

3. Partnerships / Link

Exchange links with high-quality website or pay for link placements in an article on their website. Choose quality companies within your industry but not competitors. Guest blogging is another way of helping to increase inbound and outbound links to your website. As well as helping raise awareness of your business, it will help increase the search engine performance of your website due to a new link being placed.

4. Branding

One of the rules of marketing is that when someone sees your brand 3 times they are more likely to become a customer. With this in mind, it is extremely important to at least utilise the benefits of branding when posting from your website and your social channels – and it’s free! This means maintaining a consistent tone of voice, brand colours and putting your logo wherever it can go.

5. Employ the right people

Too often people penny-pinch when recruiting Digital personnel. You might think anyone can write, and anyone can post things online – but if that’s the type of attitude you have, that’s the type of person you’ll employ, and that’s the kind of outcome you’ll get. Employ the right people, find ambitious and creative employees who understand the Digital world and ever-changing climate and trends. If you’re a sole trader or a Digital employee yourself, then look for assistance and read guides (like this one) to help you improve. As much as these guides can help you, it is important to be creative and different utilising your own instincts – that is the only way that you can stand out from the crowded marketplace. Each market is different, do your research and differentiate.

Is Digital your kind of thing? You might be interested in taking a look at our wide range of roles currently on offer on our job board. If you’re looking for more assistance and guidance about how to improve Digital performance, email oli(at)bodhiresourcing(dot)com