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5 Tips To Help You Get A Job As A Data Analyst

25 July 2016

Looking for a job as a Data Analyst? Take a look at our 5 simple tips to help you on your way.

1 – Be online

First and foremost, as an aspiring Data Analyst, it is important to have up to date, professional and impressive Social profiles. If you don’t want an employer to see your more personal Facebook profile then put it on private, because they will check. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is as impressive as your CV and on LinkedIn you could even include links to previous work you’ve completed.

2 – Build your own Data Projects

Building your own projects is the perfect way to showcase to employers the skills you’ve got and how you can combine them. Evidence like this If you’re stuck for ideas take a look at Harvard’s CS109 Data Science Class – their lectures are available for free via online video. You can also browse through student projects from the class on YouTube.

3 – Compete

This tip is taken from Udacity and follows on from tip #2. ‘Another tactic for building up your portfolio of data science projects is participating in a data competition. For example, try your hand at a Kaggle competition. It’s a great way to gauge your abilities against those of your peers; and if you do well (i.e., place in the top 10), you’ll have another arrow in your quiver in the search for plumb data analyst jobs. You could even land an interview from the brand that sponsored the contest. Companies hiring data analysts are known to search the Kaggle leaderboards when hiring.’

4 – Put your projects into the public domain

Employers and recruiters do their homework before offering an interview. The effectiveness of a good CV is becoming less and less important for many, so showing what you’ve actually done and posting it online in tech-hangouts is the way to get feedback and get noticed. Try creating an SEO optimised website that contains all your projects – this makes your work more accessible and makes you look more impressive.

5 – Network

As the old saying goes, it is often who you know, not what you know. The internet has made it more important and easier to network. If you’re not already, start connecting and engaging with seniors in your field, potential employers and even recruiters like us. At Bodhi Resourcing we pride ourselves on our consultative recruitment services. We can try and find the ideal job for you, or simply advise what our clients typically look for in successful candidates.

 Done them all? Now upload your CV to get a data analyst job, and we’ll contact you if we find a job that fits.

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