26th July 2017
We take a look at some of the findings from the DMA’s latest Data-Driven Marketing report.
Data Analytics Spend
12th May 2017
Take a look at Bodhi’s exclusive infographic, highlighting how Data & Analytics is the booming industry of this generation.
27th February 2017
Marketing Data is no longer just benefitting large corporations that can afford to invest in it. Modern technologies have allowed companies, right through from start-ups to large organisations gain a greater understanding of their audience through data and therefore make more accurate and strategic business decisions.
7th February 2017
Over the last few weeks our industry insight section has been packed with news and reports about what is in demand and trending in 2017. We’ve come across some more useful information to do with this, after stumbling into a report by BlueVenn entitled Customer data: The monster under the bed? This report investigates data analytics in Marketing – to learn whether there really is a ‘marketing skills gap’, or a ‘marketing technology gap’. The results were eye-opening.

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