26th June 2019
Data Analytics Recruitment tips that you can do to give you a competitive advantage when you’re looking for data analytics candidates.   Hi, this John from Bodhi Resourcing. One of the questions I keep getting asked by all the hiring managers I’m dealing with at the moment in data analytics […]
18th June 2019
As we have more and more and MORE data, data and analytics turn into a centerpiece of digital business, and data becomes an organizational resource, employees should have at least a basic ability to communicate and understand conversations about data. Summarily, the skill to “speak data” will become an essential part of most everyday jobs.
11th June 2019
The CRM giant, Salesforce, has acquired the largest data visualisation company Tableau, in a stock exchange that equated to $15.7bn. Salesforce and Tableau made a joint announcement on the 10th of June, with both boards backing the deal.
3rd June 2019
The Tableau 2019.2 has arrived with brilliant new features: Vector Maps, Parameter Actions, and New Homepage and Left Navigation.

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