28th January 2020
As we enter the next wave of digital transformation in 2020, we consider some of the impacts and implications for businesses who want to keep up. Digital operating models Research shows that a staggering 70% of digital transformations fail. This is largely down to outdated approaches to digital operations across […]
25th November 2019
For those of us in recruitment, it’s essential that we know where the candidates are. This is true for social media recruitment as well. It’s a fact that good candidates are on social media and, with the right data and approach, this gives us a golden opportunity to find great […]
1st October 2019
What does a data analyst do? Data analysts work in a wide range of sectors and across a large number of business units. You find data analysts in marketing, finance, management, supply chain/procurement and markets as diverse as media, management consultancies, defence contractors, manufacturing, call centres and more. But whatever […]
17th July 2019
You’ve secured the job interview, now it’s about preparation and anticipating what questions you might be asked to interview. The thing I would strongly recommend is, first of all, looking at the STAR technique. This is a technique to answer competency-based question, how to structure an answer. 1. Situation 2. Task3. […]

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