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Enlightened Talent Solutions

Whether you need to scale up your teams, or you're looking for specific skills, our solutions bring together the most innovative and effective resourcing methods for securing top candidates.

Over 90% of candidates we submit are invited to interview and clients
average just 1.9 interviews before making an offer

Our ENLIGHTENMENT, OUTSOURCE, START-UP and CONSULTING talent solutions bring together the most innovative and effective resourcing methods for engaging with and securing top candidates.

Tell us about your hiring requirements.

We'd love to hear about your plans and discuss how we could support your hiring goals.

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Why Bodhi?

Business Meeting

Our strengths lie in understanding the complexities within data and digtial markets, having extensive networks that we can leverage and knowing how to manage an effective recruitment process.

Through close collaboration, we provide advice and consultancy to meet your specific challenges, carefully selecting the most suitable candidates and job roles to ensure the best possible fit.

Our recruitment expertise

Artificial Intelligence
Data Mining
Data Visualisation
Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Statistical Analysis

We specialise in

Data Science & Analytics

Business Intelligence
Data Engineering
Data Warehousing
Data Visualisation
Marketing Cloud Technology

We specialise in

Data & Technology


Client Services
CRM & Marketing Automation
Customer Analytics & Insights
Data Planning & Strategy
Digital Performance
Marketing Cloud Technology

We specialise in

CRM & Digital Marketing

Natalia Udut

Very happy with the approach and professionalism and with the whole process. I would recommend. They are courteous, go the extra mile and professional.

Exclusive Partnerships

In a race for the best talent, a competitive market requires a dynamic and strategic approach to hook in-demand candidates.

Discover how, through an exclusive partnership with us, you can grow your talent pool, find your ideal specialists and support candidates to apply to your critical roles with confidence.

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