Over 80% of candidates we submit are invited to interview and clients

average just 1.9 interviews before making an offer


Access a wider and more diverse talent pool


Stop spending time on unsuitable candidates


Reduce time to hire

and attrition


Provide a VIP candidate experience


Increase the quality of

your critical hires

The data or digital specialist you're looking for is out there!

Bodhi's innovative solutions will allow you to successfully navigate a transformed talent market and help you attract and engage with a wide range of the best data and digital specialists.

Artificial Intelligence

Data Mining

Data Visualisation

Deep Learning

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Statistical Analysis

Data Science & Analytics

Business Intelligence

Data Engineering

Data Warehousing

Data Visualisation

Marketing Cloud Technology

Data & Technology

Client Services

CRM & Automation

Customer Analytics & Insights

Data Planning & Strategy

Digital Performance

Marketing Cloud Technology



A flexible solution that supports start-ups getting the right talent to move your organisation forward quickly.


A complete solution for guaranteeing business-critical, high-calibre talent for specialist vacancies.


We can partner as your internal recruitment team - improving the quality of your direct hires, reducing agency fees and improving efficiency.



ENLIGHTENMENT is a comprehensive, risk free solution for specialist vacancies that are critical to the success of your organisation and where a wrong hiring decision could be very costly. We guarantee to deliver the best talent within 8 weeks with the option of a free replacement or 100% rebate for up to 12 months.

Clearly defined SLAs to meet your requirements

Dedicated headhunting

12 month free replacement or 100% rebate

Offer and onboarding management

Personality and behavioral profiling

Advertising and marketing vacancies including microsite creation

Our digital ENLIGHTENMENT brochure outlines our process for delivering the best talent. Simply enter your email address and we'll send it to you.



Our START-UP solution provides flexibility for businesses looking for the right data and digital talent that is key for their growth and success. Where a traditional fee model can make it difficult for start-ups to use expert talent services, we’ve created a flexible solution that helps work around your cash-flow.

Dedicated specialist consultant

Flexible payment options

Free replacement and flexible rebate options

Cloud based applicant tracking system

Clearly defined SLAs to meet your specific requirements

Advertising and marketing vacancies including microsite creation

Our digital START-UP brochure outlines the flexible process for delivering the best talent. Simply enter your email address and we'll send it to you or get in touch to learn more.



Our OUTSOURCE model provides a stategic and supportive partnership to integrate with your organisation and become an extension of your internal talent and HR functions. We save clients, on average, 64% in internal recruitment costs.

Dedicated headhunting by expert consultants

Cloud based Applicant tracking system

Employee brand proposition support

Advertising and marketing vacancies

Offer and onboarding management

Assistance with drafting job descriptions & Salary benchmarking

Get in touch to learn more about our OUTSOURCE solution and discover how to streamline your hiring process and reduce your costs.

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