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Your ideal data, digital or tech specialist is out there! To win them over (and keep them) it’s important to understand the shifting parameters that influence their decision making and desire to join your company.

Consider these steps to give your hire power a boost in 2023…


Be proactive


With candidates firmly in the driving seat, many aren’t spending hours researching where to apply for jobs. They are jumping on the ones that are right in front of them—delivered at their fingertips in their messages and on their social media feeds.

If you want to stay competitive, go searching. Identify the skills you need and the type of candidates you think are a strong fit. Consider where they spend their time, what's important to them and proactively search for and engage with them. Expanding hiring channels to meet candidates where they are opens new talent pools and can help diversify your workforce.


  • Build specific candidate personas to identify and clarify exactly who you’re looking for.

  • Identify whether previous applicants match any of these candidate profiles.

  • Consider new platforms, online communities and opportunities to connect with desired candidates.

  • Initiate communication with welcoming, inclusive and personalised messaging.


Keep it human

With advancements in AI and automation that make hiring processes more efficient, it’s important to remember that people still long for human connection—and that effort in recruiting will pay off.


Recruiting the best talent today requires a high-touch approach that connects and engages with candidates on a personal level and makes them feel valued. They want to be heard and know that you care. Making them feel like you’re just as excited about getting to know them as they are about being considered will help them stay enthusiastic about your opportunity.



  • Communicate often and keep candidates up to date.

  • Tailor automated processes for each stage, personalising where possible.

  • Provide clear contact information and make yourself available for queries throughout the process.

  • Before interviews, provide candidates with profiles of the people they'll be meeting.

Sell your tech story


Well crafted narratives and compelling stories around the purpose of job roles and why they're important will help you become more desirable. Technology is about creativity, innovation and problem-solving. Shifting the narrative around how you describe roles could help you attract a wider, more diverse and more ambitious candidate pool. ​


When communicating what the company is seeking, from skill set to cultural fit, include the 'why' and reasons behind it. Explain the company's ambitions and how the team works together, the culture of the workplace, and how the position will contribute to the overall mission.


  • Clearly define your company's tech culture.

  • Ask employees to describe the tech they use, projects they work on and recent accomplishments.

  • Reiterate company values and overall mission throughout the process.

  • Use aspirational (rather than functional) language when describing job roles and responsibilities.

Make a good first impression


You can count on the fact that candidates in your funnel will be looking at your online presence. They will scour through posts and look at employee reviews to get a realistic picture and understand if what you’re advertising is being practiced.

Initial interactions with a prospective candidate are crucial. They set the tone. If your product, brand and voice aren’t clear, this could create doubt and suggest an unclear hiring process. Providing clear and accurate descriptions of requirements and expectations builds trust and allows the right candidates to apply with confidence.



  • Revisit and clearly define your employee value proposition (EVP).

  • Define channels to promote your employer brand.

  • Establish a clear and consistent tone of voice.

  • Consider current employees role in telling your brand story.

  • Provide candidate FAQs on your website.


How can we help?

As experienced, dedicated data, digital and tech recruitment specialists, we can help you excel with the points above.

On top of our extensive network of diverse specialist candidates, we take a proactive approach - diving deep into talent communities to zero in on passive candidates. We build strong, lasting relationships and curate talent pipelines while promoting your opportunities and brand with integrity.

We understand what it takes to attract and secure the best candidates - speaking their language, providing an exceptional candidate experience and supporting them to apply to your opportunities with confidence.

Why not speak with one of our experts today?

Call: 0330 335 0464  (UK) / +1 (512) 298 4920 (USA)



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The sectors we cover are complex, competitive and constantly evolving.


Bringing decades of technical recruitment experience and knowledge to the table, our expertise comes into its own when understanding how clients and candidates can find their ideal candidates or land their dream job.


Backed by an extensive network of diverse talent, impressive client list and the latest recruitment technology, our specialist focus has established us as a leading provider of innovative talent solutions for senior data, digital, and technology positions across the UK, USA and Europe.

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About Bodhi

Bodhi (pronounced Boe-dee) is a Pali and Sanskrit word, translated in English as 'To awaken or become enlightened'. It's through a deeper enlightenment and understanding that enables us to create successful new partnerships between clients and candidates.


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Our ENLIGHTENMENT, START-UP & OUTSOURCE talent solutions bring together the most innovative and effective resourcing methods for engaging and securing top candidates in a fiercley competitive market.

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It requires a strategic approach in which we play an important role to help each candidate access and apply to your critical roles with confidence.

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