Google funded AI company

The challenge

Our client is an international company who had secured series A funding in order to build a new data platform. Unable to find the expertise they required, they decided to set up a London branch in order to find the right team of specialist data engineers. With no experience of recruiting in the UK, they were struggling to find the talent they needed after advertising on job boards and receiving unsuitable candidates from various recruitment agencies.

They were looking to fill 7 data engineering roles including: 1 lead, 3 senior data engineers and 3 mid-level data experts. They wanted candidates with experience of working with a start-up, built platforms within agile environments, had a DevOps mindset, was able to work remotely and aligned with their company culture.

The solution

Having presented a number of suitable, high-calibre candidates, Bodhi were given the opportunity to offer their market insight and provide expert consultation and recommendations in terms of their search and process. After a full review and assessment of their requirements, the brief changed from filling 7, to filling 3 senior vacancies.


Bodhi consultant, Claude Heywood

"After analysing my clients' requirements and aspirations, I provided information and advice on the latest market conditions and recommendations for their UK hiring strategy. As a result, we amended the brief to fill 3 senior vacancies with the goal of finding high-calibre candidates that would provide the resource and expertise they required. What my client thought would take 7 has taken 3 - the key is that they're the right people."

The outcome

CVs, interviews and technical tasks were delivered within the agreed timeframes and feedback on the successful candidates has been extremely positive. Now, with an established UK team in place, our client is looking to build on their UK market as well as expand to other international locations.