Zoopla Property Group


The challenge

After 2 months of searching with 4 different recruitment agencies, Zoopla were struggling to find candidates with the right combination of digital analytics skills and industry experience. Given the nature of their sector, it was vital that they found someone with experience of digital products and working closely with UX & Design teams.  

The solution

Zoopla agreed to work with Bodhi on an exclusive basis for 4 weeks. 

We took a detailed brief of the role, including specific technical and industry experience, as well as being the right cultural fit for the company. The key was finding candidates who had not only worked on similar digital products but who would also fit in with Zoopla's strong start-up culture.

After identifying the most relevant promotion channels, we launched a marketing campaign. In parallel, we put together a list of relevant companies (i.e. ecommerce companies of a similar ilk and identified potential candidates doing a smiliar role in those organisations.

Having identified potential candidates, we approached individuals and arranged virtual meetings to present the opportunity and qualify their skills and experience against the specific requirements. From this, we built up a list of potential candidates who had the right experience and were interested. We then selected a shortlist based the cultural and technical requirements we were looking for.

The outcome

We presented a shortlist of 5 high-calibre CV's within 2 weeks. Both candidates had the relevant experience and were invited to interview. We received an offer for the successful candidate which was accepted within 8 weeks of taking the brief.