Christmas Twitter Data

Interesting Christmas-Themed Twitter Data Highlights Users Shopping Habits

5 December 2016

According to the research, 82% of 18-24 on Twitter start their Christmas shopping before December. Making you feel old? Well regardless of age, 3 in 4 Twitter users shop for Christmas presents before December. The statistics show that this makes Twitter users 19% more likely to shop before December than those who are not using the social media platform.

So why is that? Well the obvious explanation is that hyper-connected consumers are more aware of brand promotions and festivities due to what they see online. Early sales like ‘Black Friday’, ‘Cyber Monday’ and similar promotions get a big amount of exposure online and that helps encourage, consciously or sub-consciously, online users to spend early whilst they can get the best possible deal. This is also backed up by data with the research finding that 2 in 5 Twitter users consciously identified that Twitter had helped them learn about new products and brands.

The data also seems to show a love for Christmas from Twitter users. Is this for the same reasons? More promotions, adverts and digital Christmas-themed activity seems to be having a positive effect on festivity-levels. The data shows that 84% of Twitter users in the UK love Christmas. They love Christmas in and around their lives with 56% enjoying Christmas decorations, 1 in 3 enjoying Christmas-themed adverts, 71% liking festive food and drinks and amazingly, 1 in 2 love experiencing Christmas music.

Is this still because the younger generation are more enthusiastic about the festive season? It seems so. But research found that age is not the only factor as 24% of millennials on Twitter are more into Christmas-themed movies than those not on Twitter. Does this highlight a digital relationship? For example, if you are using one media source in social media, you are more likely to enjoy another media source in the television – or is the relationship purely festive?

It is impossible to tell without taking more extensive data samples. I guess these results do at least stir up a conversation and it will give you something to talk about during the festive period! It might be worth taking a sample of your own around the dinner table to see if those on Twitter are feeling more festive – and when they bought your Christmas present!

You can view all the Data in a nice infographic below.


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