Data Analytics and Healthcare
7 November 2016

Healthcare CIO’s turning to Data Analytics

This from Health IT Analytics: “More than half of CIOs are planning to increase their spending on health IT over the next twelve months, and a further 35 percent are likely to maintain their current operational budgets, found the poll of healthcare executives from more than 190 global organizations.’

Enhanced decision making

There will be an increasing amount of Data Analytics used to enhance the decision making process according to HIT Consultant: “Real-time access to clinical analytics is not the norm today. However, as it becomes further utilized, it will drive provider behavior through a set of prescribed best practices in clinical care, based upon the multiple conditions of the patient.”

Future of Healthcare is in Data and Analytics

Forbes say the future of the Healthcare industry is in Data and Analytics, here’s just one example of how: “Every minute of the day, eCare21, a remote patient-monitoring system, collects thousands of pieces of health data about more than 1,000 senior citizens. The telehealth system uses smartphones, Fitbits, Bluetooth and sensors to collect information about things like blood pressure, physical activity, glucose levels, medication intake and weight. The information is then compiled on a dashboard so that the patients’ doctors, loved ones and caregivers can keep an eye on them and provide proactive care, even from hundreds of miles away.”

So with such a reliance now on Data and Analytics in the Healthcare industry and many more, it seems a good time to expand your workforce and employ the very best skilled employees. At Bodhi Resourcing we are specialists in helping our clients build successful Data and Analytics teams. Our team of skilled consultants work with a consultative, head-hunt approach to help our clients get the very best talent in to their business.

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