Essential Data Knowledge Required in Christmas Marketing Campaigns

16 October 2017

Saying the C-word in October is often frowned upon, but if you’re working in Marketing, you’ll already have an idea about how your company is going to approach the Christmas period this time around. Have you reflected and learnt your lessons from the previous year?

We’ve previously looked at 10 of the best Christmas Digital Marketing campaigns and whilst that can act as inspiration for some, in this newsletter we wanted to talk about how the key to a successful campaign lies in data analytics and having the right personnel in place to ensure an effective and optimised campaign. Whether you’re planning a nationwide TV advertisement, a Social Media campaign or simply some local promotion, effective Data Insight allows for you to be ahead of the competition in more ways than one. Optimising your campaign for maximum reach and results is essential to save your company time and money – so have you got the right personnel in place to do this?

There is a well-documented shortage of talent across the industry and the accessibility to data & analytics qualified personnel is getting harder to achieve for many companies in the United Kingdom. This has created a competitive environment for staffing within the industry and most companies are turning to specialist recruitment agencies like Bodhi Resourcing to help them stay ahead of the competition and ensure their teams are always appropriately staffed.

Demand will create over 300,000 jobs by 2020 according to SAS and Tech Partnership. This huge demand is set to increase the wages on offer and ultimately create an extremely competitive staffing environment. Salaries in Data & Analytics are already being reported as 24% more than the average IT position. Data scientist roles in the UK grew by 32% in the first half of 2016.

Since our establishment, Bodhi Resourcing have been helping our clients identify the best data & analytics talent and plug the skills gap in their organisations. As the demand continues to outweigh the supply, Bodhi have become one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in the UK and consistently receive top feedback from our clients which range from SME’s to FTSE 100 companies. If you need additional staff permanently or simply for interim purposes over the Christmas period, Bodhi Resourcing can help. Email or call us on 0117 315 5265 to discuss in more detail with one of our Directors.

What’s interesting is that Marketing Week are reporting that Christmas Day could be the busiest of them all for retail and you definitely shouldn’t relax when you think everyone else is.

“Christmas Day itself is likely to be the busiest mobile shopping day of the year. Last year, nearly two-thirds of online purchases made on Christmas Day were carried out using a smartphone.”