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From social networks to ecommerce, data is being collected at an unprecedented speed and scale. However, the skills required to effectively harness, analyse and add value 'big data' are in short supply.


The talent shortage is a key barrier for organisations in unlocking the full potnetial of data. Benefits such as gaining key insight into business functions and performance, mitigating risk, satisfying customer requirements and identifying future trends are not being fully realised.

At Bodhi, we understand that modern data science and analytics involves more than just numbers and technical understanding. Today, businesses need talent that can apply knowledge effectively, work across differnet business functions and create solutions that align with strategic objectives.

Our data science and analytics specialists understand the bredth and intricacies of the sector. By taking the time to learn the critical qualities and requirements your business or job search needs, we can ensure that we present only those candidates or roles that match your requirements and aspirations.

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