19 March 2020

Measures aimed at containment, such as work from home policies, are requiring companies to get creative with their recruitment and many are turning to virtual methods. Tech giants Google, Amazon and Facebook, are among the global companies to announce a move to online job interviews for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak, in an effort to prevent business slowdown.

Companies that adapt and find effective methods to source good candidates will no doubt benefit from a surge in talent. There will be opportunities to engage with prospects from industries that have been hit hardest, and high-calibre candidates are likely to seek alternative openings if a prospective employer is unable to progress.

The latest video-engagement technology gives clients the ability to enhance their recruitment experience rather than just simply automating it. When it comes to contingency, you can continue to source, screen and onboard candidates to your critical roles. Many clients implementing the latest video-engagement tools are reducing time to hire and providing a positive experience for candidates. With cloud based functionality, you can benefit from remote features such as IT security and access to internal systems to access resources.

Combined with specialist knowledge and understanding of the market; screening, interviewing and onboarding candidates and new hires can be achieved efficiently and effectively. Companies seeking the top talent can make the most of recent circumstances and new opportunities through easier, faster scheduling and remove barriers to access a wider market. Dynamic software enables you to assess skills and cultural fit for a deeper insight, ensuring that your time and resources spent efficiently on the right candidates.

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Bodhi are offering specialist data and analytics recruitment services free of charge to help assist organisations providing critical assistance in the fight against COVID-19. Call us on 0203 854 8404 or email enlightenme@bodhiresourcing to learn how we can help.

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