Enterprises To Lead 10x Increase In Global Data By 2025

11 April 2017

Data creation is likely to increase ten times to 163 zettabytes (zb) by 2025, according to a study by IDC, Data Age 2025.

In the past consumers have been the primary creators of the bulk of the world’s data, however the finding by IDC suggest this will change in the next 10 years, with enterprises creating 60% of the world’s data by 2025.

DC SVP Dave Reinsel said: “From autonomous cars to intelligent personal assistants, data is the lifeblood of a rapidly growing digital existence – opening up opportunities previously unimagined by businesses. Technology innovation will be vitally important to evaluate and fully activate the intricacies of what’s contained within this large volume of data – and storage in particular will continue to grow in importance, as it provides the foundation from which so many of these emerging technologies will be served.”

Seagate CEO Steve Luczo said: “While we can see from this new research that the era of Big Data is upon us, the value of data is really not in the ‘known’, but in the ‘unknown’ where we are vastly underestimating the potentials today. What is really exciting are the analytics, the new businesses, the new thinking and new ecosystems from industries like robotics and machine-to-machine learning, and their profound social and economic impact on our society”.

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