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Benefits of working with a specialist

Data and analytics is a complex and competitive marketplace. The sooner we can be brought into any hiring strategy, the better. Doing so saves time and money in the long term and delivers a smoother process, engagement of more effective teams and a more positive experience overall.


When we work on an exclusive basis, over 80% of the candidates we submit are invited to interview and clients typically average just 1.9 candidate interviews before making an offer.

Without having to review irrelevant CV's or interviewing inappropriate candidates our clients reduce their time to hire and save valuable time and money.


Our ENLIGHTENMENT solution is a comprehensive, agile, risk free solution that guarntees the top 10% of data and analytics talent within 8 weeks. We are so confident in our solution that we offer of a free replacement or 100% rebate for up to 12 months.

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I like to think of Bodhi as the first interview as the very high quality screening process means a high number of candidates pass through to offer.

Tim Biddiscombe,

Global Professional Services Director

The best recruitment company I have worked with. Relaxed, not forceful, informative.

Michael Heath,

CRM Manager

Elizabeth Kaplunov,

Data Evaluation Officer

Really expert company members and they’re very supportive and responsive to our requests and needs.

Ensuring the right fit for your business

Within the data sector, it’s common to find similarly qualified candidates. Our expertise comes into its own in this scenario, as we understand both what our clients really want and what the candidates really need. It’s not always about money. It’s about the culture within your business and the professional nuances that will compel one candidate to accept your offer – and thrive.

We make it our business to fully qualify your proposition with suitable candidates, so that you only interview credible, engaged possibilities.