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6 skills to look for when hiring for a CRM position

If you're looking to hire CRM professionals or want to enhance your own skills, our specialist consultant, Alex Wright picks his 5 essential CRM skills for success.


The Power of Effective Engagement

A skilled CRM professional can articulate a brand’s message clearly and concisely. They can craft engaging content and ensure that the brand voice resonates and builds trust. They also need to confidently communicate with higher management.


Inspiring Customer Engagement

CRM professionals with creative skills can think outside the box to design and deliver innovative solutions. They embrace fresh ideas and approaches that captivate customers and enhance their experience. Adaptable and responsive, they can quickly adjust to changing customer needs, preferences, and feedback.

Customer-Centric Skills:

Putting the Customer First

Every interaction is an opportunity to deliver value and satisfaction. With a customer-centric approach, these professionals foster trust, build loyalty, and transform customers into brand advocates. They handle complaints and issues with professionalism and empathy, leaving customers feeling valued and heard.


Unlocking the Insights Within Data

A competent CRM professional should have the ability to interpret data from multiple sources to optimise customer retention. They can also measure and report on the effectiveness of campaigns, facilitating continuous improvement and informed decision-making.


Building Bridges for Success

CRM doesn't operate in isolation. A CRM professional with strong collaboration skills can foster alignment and integration. They understand the importance of coordinating and communicating effectively with teams, build relationships to achieve CRM goals.

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