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Tableau 2019.2 is here!

The newest release – Tableau 2019.2 – includes impressive new ways to interact with your data and new dash boarding capabilities that come together to make a huge difference for a more precise, streamlined authoring experience. Use parameter actions, vector maps, and a new way to browse your content on Tableau Server and Online.

Parameter actions

With parameter actions, the sky’s the limit. Unleash your analytical creativity with this simple, but powerful feature. Now you have the ability to visually change a parameter’s value. By interacting with marks on a viz, you can drive reference lines, calculations, filters, and even SQL queries bringing visual interactivity to your data like never before.

Tableau 2019.2 brings a richer mapping experience to Tableau with vector-based maps. Vector-based maps look sharper and smoother as you pan, zoom in, and zoom out to explore your geospatial data. Tableau also introducing brand-new map styles and layers. You can bring more life and context to your data with street, satellite, and outdoor styles. As well as building footprints, subway and train stations, and points-of-interest layers.

New homepage and left navigation for a richer content browsing experience

Now it`s much easier to find the contents on Tableau Server and Online. In Tableau 2019.2, a brand-new home page and fully redesigned navigation experience were introduced. So you can get to your content faster than ever. Rapidly access your favorite and recently-viewed dashboards in the new left navigation and discover new content through beloved views to stay on top of what’s trending on your Tableau Server or Online site.

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