Why the Salesforce Acquisition of Tableau is a Win-Win

11 June 2019

This deal makes a lot of business sense. As the market-leading CRM, Salesforce has companies that keep huge amounts of their data on cloud-based systems. But tracking and understanding that data takes huge amounts of work. As a recruitment company that have specialists in recruiting both Salesforce and Tableau professionals, we know this all to well.

Many companies look outside of the Salesforce ecosystem to help them track their data, whether it be for customer analysis, credit control, logistics or more. Tableau is the company most often turned to in order to get clean, understandable data visualisations from their existing data analytics, that can be turned in to actionable business decisions.

Able to do more together

This acquisition helps drive Salesforces’ ecosystem forward, keeping companies within the Salesforce ecosystem when it comes to understanding their data. But it also gives them a foothold in with companies that do not use the CRM platform.

They will be able to make cross market sales pitches to companies that use Tableau but not the Salesforce CRM, and vice versa. As of the most recent figures, Tableau has 86,000 business accounts.

It also provides a lot of opportunity to Tableau. They now have “in house” access to huge swathes of data thanks to Salesforce. It’s not hard to predict that future developments are likely to see the easy visualisation. At least in template form, from the Salesforce dashboard.

Salesforce Einstein

In addition, there is the growing Einstein platform. This is an in house development from Salesforce – a push in to AI (Artificial Intelligence) with a specific business bent. Predicting likely sales opportunities and presenting automation options.

Salesforce Einstein

With such a platform, Einstein, when coupled with Tableau, would not only be able to provide possible opportunities and suggestions, but relay it in an easily digestible format that can make for quick decision making and actionable suggestions.

With this deal following hot on the heels of Google’s purchase of another data visualisation tool, Looker, it is again showing the value that good data visualisation software has to companies who are in the business of data. And with such platforms going to public facing companies, it puts real data science and data analytics in the hands of companies who can use their data to make business savings and more profit. A win-win.

Qualified professionals

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