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'Selling Your Tech Story to Recruit Top Talent'

The best and brightest data driven marketing professionals are not just looking for their next job; they're seeking an opportunity to be part of something bigger, something that resonates with their ambitions.


Grabbing their attention requires more than just offering competitive salaries and benefits. It's also needs a strong narrative that showcases your company's unique tech culture and mission. Crafting a compelling narrative around purpose can make a huge difference to draw in candidates who are not just looking for employment, but a meaningful career.

It's time to go beyond qualifications, experience and responsibilities. The 'why' behind a role and the reasons it matters involves much more, such as highlighting your aspirations, how teams collaborate and your culture within the workplace.

Strategies for Selling Your Tech Story

  1. Define Your Company's Tech Culture:
    Start with a clear definition. What are the core values, principles, and practices that set you apart? Communicate this culture in your job adverts and throughout the recruitment process.

  2. Company Values and Mission:
    Reiterate your company's values and overall mission throughout the recruitment process. How will technology help you achieve these goals? Show how the position aligns with these values and contributes to achieving the company's broader ambitions. This helps candidates understand the larger purpose behind their potential role.

  3. Employee Testimonials:
    Ask your current employees to describe the technology they use, the projects they are involved in, and their recent accomplishments. Their personal stories and experiences can provide valuable insights into your tech culture and give potential candidates a glimpse into what it's like to work at your company.

  4. Aspirational Language:
    When describing job roles and responsibilities, use aspirational language that goes beyond the functional aspects of the job. Highlight the impact the role will have on the company's future and the opportunities for growth and personal development.

Why partnering with Bodhi could be a game-changer in selling your tech story...


Not only can we help you identify and find top CRM, MarTech, Data and Digital talent,  our unique ability will help you engage with them in a way that resonates - speaking their language, understanding exactly what they can offer and supporting them to apply to your opportunities with confidence.

Our strength lies in linking our extensive knowledge of the sector to your precise candidate requirements to deliver world-class results, time and time again.


With Bodhi you're not just working with recruitment professionals; you're collaborating with experienced industry experts with insight to solve the toughest hiring challenges and help you secure the perfect match for your team.

How can we help you?

Solutions Consultation

Unsure what the right solution is for you and your business?


From talent insights, market conditions, latest trends, salary/bench marketing and demand analysis, we will collaborate with you to create your ideal strategy and solution to solve your hiring and challenges.

Book a free solution consultation with one of our specialists today.

About Bodhi

Since our launch in 2014, we have been dedicated to disrupting the recruiting and talent landscape by bridging the gap between traditional, large-scale transactional recruiters and rigid talent providers.


We take great pleasure in enlightening those we partner with in how we combine tried and tested recruitment techniques with cutting-edge innovations to create successful, long-term partnerships.

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