Streamline your hiring process with video interviews

10 March 2020

In today’s fiercely competitive data and analytics talent market the capacity to move quickly is crucial in your ability to secure the best candidates. Whilst speed is a key component, the challenge is making sure it doesn’t compromise the suitability for your hires.

Our latest video interviewing platform is helping to streamline our client’s recruitment processes. Without having to schedule time out of the day, it enables talent and hiring managers to accurately identify the best candidates by providing a new level of visibility and insight during the screening process.

It ensures that, having fully understood your requirements, we only put candidates that fit the brief forward for interview. The result is that you don’t waste any time interviewing unsuitable candidates that, on paper, might have appeared to be a good match.

How does it work?

Once a shortlist of prospects has been identified, we record an online video interview to be reviewed and assessed at any time. The video includes notes and presents all the key information about a candidate. By establishing screening questions and criteria to assess how interviewees respond, you can easily decide which applications you want to take further.

Do your candidates have the necessary skills?

  • Confirm their knowledge and understanding with on-the-spot, skills-based questions
  • Visually gauge their confidence
  • Assess body language and communication style

Assess their performance under pressure

  • Test their resolve. Being filmed adds a layer of pressure which can separate candidates
  • Challenging someone to think on their feet rather than prepare for the obvious questions will indicate candidate quality and aptitude for thinking outside of the box

Are they a good fit for your business?

  • Learn more about personality traits and gauge their interests
  • Understand what they’re passionate about and what drives them

Reduce barriers and cost of interviewing

  • Prevent scheduling, travel or health issues
  • Create a convenient interview experience for passive candidates

If you would like to know more about how video interviewing and screening can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment process, why not get in touch to arrange a short demo?

You can drop up a line using the form below or give us a call on 0203 854 8400.


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