UK Universities Partner With Tableau To Launch Data & Analytics Course

14 July 2016

Some leading UK Universities are on the verge of introducing a Data & Analytics course after teaming up with Tableau, reports Business Wire.

LinkedIn currently rank “statistical analysis and data mining” as the number one skill you get hired for in today’s market. Despite that, there is currently no course at Universities to specifically learn these skills. It looks like this is about to change with the programme getting underway at Cranfield University this month and will take place at the University of Central Lancashire and University of Leeds later this year.

Tableau are a leading American computer software company, but they operate all around the world with their influence now set to expand to UK Universities. Their idea to create a course for this industry is brilliant as it helps potentially fill the talent gap the company often finds when trying to recruit. With data and analytics so in demand in this modern market, if a student has an interest in the subject area they would certainly be advised to consider taking this new course. As the Business Wire say “Data analytics skills are no longer a nice to have in today’s workplace, but a must”.

Data visualization is the future

Dr. Uyioghosa Igie, a lecturer in the School of Aerospace, Transport, and Manufacturing at Cranfield University said, “I’ve already seen the positive impact of using data visualization software in my classes and wanted to bring this experience to more students and professors. Data is everywhere today and our research graduates go on to work in diverse professions that will require the ability to quickly analyze large amounts of it. Learning these skills will be absolutely critical to their professional success.”

“Data analytics skills are no longer a nice to have in today’s workplace, but a must,” said James Eiloart, Senior Vice President, EMEA at Tableau. “By working closely with UK universities to raise awareness of data analytics skills and giving hands on training, we are helping to close the skills gap that exists between today’s graduates and the workplace – but we see this is just the beginning.”

Tableau around the world

More than 42,000 companies and organisations around the world use Tableau for fast, visual analytics. Customers in Europe range from startups and growing businesses to multinationals, including EasyJet, Lufthansa, Asda, Ebay, Skanksa UK and

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